LoopPay Cards (shipped separately or as part of the CardCase) can receive new firmware updates over the air (OTA).

The orange color where your Card icon is located at the top of the app in the alert center lets you know an update is available.
(This feature is not available for Fob or ChargeCase.)

Before you tap the orange icon to begin the update, some important points:

  • Your wallet will be unavailable for a few minutes; Button Pay will be temporarily disabled.
  • Make sure your phone is charged, and your LoopPay card is charged, too.
  • Ensure a good wi-fi  connection (cellular connection can vary the success rate).
  • Keep your Card within proximity (in bluetooth range) of your phone.  
  • Avoid updating your phone OS (Operating System) during the LoopPay firmware update.
  • It's fine to put the LoopPay app in the background while the update is completing.
  • After you update the firmware, your Button Pay setting will be reset to "Never".  You can change it to your preference via Settings, Accessory or Fob Settings.

If the update is interrupted, or it "times out" because of a wi-fi or connection issue, you can tap the orange icon to re-start it. 

Other questions:

Do I need to update the Card firmware?

It's always best to have the most current firmware for your device to perform at optimum.  Occasionally, we make an improvement that will improve your shopping or payment experience.  

Can this change, or erase the cards I have swiped or added to my LoopPay wallet account?

No, your Wallet account will remain unchanged.

Can I force a firmware update if my Case icon is not orange in the top of the app?

Not at this time.   Possibly in future app versions.

Is there a firmware update for the ChargeCase or Fob?

At this time, there isn't.

Why doesn't the firmware version show it has been updated in Settings, Accessory Settings Firmware?

We are aware that the version number sometimes takes a few moments to update.  Close the settings screen and return to it in a few minutes.  Let us know at Support if your firmware version doesn't change even though your LoopPay device icon is no longer orange.

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