The LoopPay community and our members went a long way toward helping us develop the LoopPay App and devices.  If you participated in our LoopPay Community, we thank you.  It was a good year for LoopPay and we came a long way together.  Our community members were part of our success.

We made a change in favor of quick searches in a more concise knowledge base called "Solutions" in this portal. Sometimes posts and threads in a community can become outdated.  Our new portal is highly searchable, and if you can't find what you're looking for, you can easily submit a ticket.  We wanted ease of use, and to put fast and accurate answers in your hands as well as a seamless path to more help if you need it.  

We hope you will continue to let us know if we're doing something right, or have a good idea.  

Thanks again!

The LoopPay Support Team