Is this the scenario?

When you go through SettingsDiscover or SettingsUser Guide, there is no device shown. 

Pressing the button on the Card(Case for multiple seconds, restarting the phone or and turning Bluetooth on and off doesn't help.  When you go to Bluetooth settings on your phone, do you see multiple versions of Pay with Loop and one shows “paired”.  

You might not be pressing the button on the device long enough during “Discover” in Accessory Settings. You have to press it for as long as it takes for a solid green light to blink on the Card or CardCase, or for the bottom LED to blink green on a ChargeCase.  

If you’ve done that, and still can’t connect:

Close the app, (swipe it off your phone screen). 

Go to your Android Phone Settings.

Choose Bluetooth. Tap the Settings cog next to the LoopPay connection(s), and choose unpair. Re-Open the app.  

Now, go to Accessory SettingsConnect and go through the Discover and pair process again.