Device icons next to payment cards mean that the card's magnetic stripe information has been swiped into the that card can be transmitted as payment.

Two Key things to know:

  • The Status Bar at the top of the app shows device icons in color when they are attached or ready for use. Gray means they are detached or not connected.
  • Payment Card Icons representing your devices show up next to your payment card when the payment cards have been swiped into that device.

You might ask this question or

Why isn't there a Fob icon next to my payment card?


Why isn't there a Case icon next to my payment card?


Why are the icons gray in the status bar?


I got a new Card/CardCase/ChargeCase, why isn't that icon showing up next to my payment cards?

Here's some things that might be happening:

  • Your payment card(s) may not be swiped in to the device in question, ex. swiped into Fob but not into to the ChargeCase....
  • You got a new device and haven't swiped in the payment cards yet.  Cards have to be swiped into new LoopPay devices. It doesn't take long.  Attach/Connect the device, Tap + to add card.
  • Your Fob is detached
  • Your Accessory (Case or Card) is disconnected, or no longer paired
  • Your device is out of Bluetooth range from your phone
  • Your device needs to be charged
  • You unbound your device (erased it) so your card(s) have to be re-swiped

For better understanding of how payment cards are stored on LoopPay devices, check out: What does View Only Mean?