You're probably thinking, why wouldn't I use only my ChargeCase to pay? Why do I need my Fob anymore, except to swipe my payment cards?

We can think of all kinds of scenarios where you might use your Fob. 

The ChargeCase is really convenient, if you have your phone. And most people do, most of the time. But if you keep your Fob on your keychain, it’s perfect for:

  • A quick trip into a store...
  • A restaurant server... you might not want to give them your phone or follow them to the point of sale terminal to pay your bill. But you can give them your Fob.
  • Or because the Fob is small and durable, it’s perfect for taking along ...
    ....skiing, biking, hiking or running. It fits into a pocket easily and is almost indestructible.
  • Ever give Junior one of your credit cards? A Fob is handy to hand over to a family member – “Eddie? Go buy me a Starbucks coffee, would you?”
  • Lastly, the Fob is a great backup in case you lose your phone or forget to charge it, or your ChargeCase.