Is the ChargeCase Weather Resistant? Water Proof? 

The ChargeCase is an electronic device so the short answer is – don’t dunk it, but a little rain (emphasis a little...) won’t hurt it. If you do get it wet, immediately remove it from your phone, allow it to dry for 24 hours or longer if possible before use or re-charging. 

Drop Proof?

The ChargeCase is built to protect your phone for one high drop but not multiple drops and especially not to a hard surface. it's primary functions are to help you transmit payment and to boost your phone's battery.  The battery by its very vocation adds weight and can make a fall to a hard surface more destructive.  So no, the ChargeCase is not drop proof. If you notice that it doesn't snap together well after a drop, try substituting the front Bezel with the spare that came in your package. If that doesn't fix the problem, chances are the clips on the back of the Case have been broken.

Can I remove the ChargeCase Often?

The ChargeCase was manufactured to be attached to your phone in a more permanent way.  A close and tight fit is needed for the lightening cable to be close enough to insert into your phone's charging port.  So the answer is no, it's not meant to be removed and re-attached multiple times.  You could break the clips with repeated removal and attachment.