We hear this a lot.

"My cards show up in my LoopPay account but I can't transmit them with my Fob, my Card or ChargeCase with Button Pay. I want to pay without having to using my phone. What could be wrong?"

1) First of all, did you swipe your payment cards or did you enter them manually? Is there a small device icon next to your default card in the App status bar?  That means your payment card is stored on your device.  If the card is also your default card, you are ready to Button Pay. 

If not, that card is probably "View Only" meaning you can't transmit it. You need to swipe the payment card while the LoopPay device is either attached or connected. Payment cards are stored on the LoopPay device. Only when they are "swiped in" can they be transmitted.

If you’re new to Button Pay, it uses your default payment card. Which card is that? It displays at the top of your App that has the word "default" next to it. You can change your default at any time, just edit the card and choose Set as Default.

2) Has your button pay or default payment card expired? If so, you need to swipe in the new one.

3) Did you set your Button Pay options to allow Button Pay Mode? If you have that option set to “Never”, Button Pay is disabled, and you can’t pay with your device alone until you choose one of the timed options or “Always”.   

How to check the Button Pay Setting: Open the LoopWallet app on your phone, and tap the settings symbol top left of the screen. Choose your device - Fob or Accessory (ChargeCase, Card or CardCase).  Tap Button Pay and set your option.

Bet your next question is how do the timed options work? After the timer duration has passed, say you set it for 10 minutes; your device.  Check out Button Pay Options for more information.