I swipe my cards but I keep getting errors.


I swipe my payment cards but the device icons for Fob or Accessory don't show up next to them


  1. If you're using a Fob, be sure it's seated properly in your phone's audio jack, just like you would do with your ear buds or headset. Sometimes the thickness of a 3rd party phone case may prevent a solid connection between the Fob and the phone. You might have to push the Fob in more firmly to secure the connection, or remove your phone case.  

  2. If you're using a Fob to swipe, is it charged?  (Card Readers don't need to be charged.)

  3. If you have a Card/CardCase or ChargeCase, are your devices connected and bound?

  4. If you're using a Card Reader, be sure it's inserted fully to your LoopPay Card, or ChargeCase using the micro USB port - NOT into your phone. (Card Readers do not have to be charged).  

  5. The other problem could be the way you are swiping your cards, it does take practice. Here are some tips. Before you swipe your cards, lay your phone, with the Fob attached on a flat surface. Place the card firmly against the base of the card swiper slot as you swipe. The key is one fluid motion. Say “In The Loop” as you swipe, not too fast. Sometimes slowing down the swipe is the key.

  6. Slowing the swipe down often solves the problem. You may also try swiping from the opposite direction. See a video demo at or the Get Started Topic for Card Swipe.