You can use your old Fob with your new Card or CardCase.
If you already have a Fob......go ahead and use it.

Your existing Fob already stores your payment cards, and your LoopPay already account contains your ID’s, loyalty and reward cards. Since you've already swiped your payment or gift cards into your Fob, now you need to now swipe those payment cards into your Card/CardCase.  

Any payment card you wish to transmit payment must be swiped into each new device.  
Even if you've already swiped them into a previous LoopPay Device

To use your current Fob:

  1. You'll need the newest version of the app from the App store.
  2. Sign in to the App on your CardCase, no need to create an account if you already have a LoopPay account.
  3. Let the App set up Wizard  guide you. 
  4. Insert your original Fob.
  5. It's OK to answer Yes to the Bind Fob question so that the Wizard may proceed. The app knows the Fob is already bound to your account and this won't harm it.
  6. Connect and Bind the Card/CardCase.
  7. Swipe your payment cards into your Card/CardCase.
  8. Add your signature and profile photo if you have downloaded a new version of the app.
  9. You can even assign one default card to your Fob and a different default card to your Card/CardCase.

You’re done!

You can give that new Fob away to a friend or family member if you wish, or keep it as a backup.