Do you have a Visa Gift card or some other amount-specified card that won't swipe into your LoopPay device? And it looks just like a credit card? Are you getting the message “cannot accept this card due to security reasons"?

When you swipe a Visa credit card and your name does not appear on it - the LoopPay app will reject it.  Because it is very similar to a real Visa card, the App is expecting the name on your account and the name on the card have to match.  Part of the LoopPay security measures that protect you. Most fit cards that don't have you name on them will swipe just fine but cards provided to 3rd parties like car companies, with the Visa signature on them do tend to confuse the app.

It wants to ensure that you have the right to use this card. And that isn't the case with gift cards such as these.

You can enter the card number and other relevant data in manually in the payment menu, or into the ID section for use as View-Only.  Because it's View Only, it can’t be transmitted at a merchant using your LoopPay device. 

Since that is the case, you may want to carry it with you. 

Future versions of the LoopPay app will have protocols in place to accept these cards.