The LoopPay ChargeCase provides a 60% BATTERY BOOST rather than a full 100% charge. Future versions of the App will reflect more accurate percentages. 

To utilize the charging function of the ChargeCase for your iPhone:

  1. You need a good first charge on your ChargeCase - use the included cable to FULLY charge the ChargeCase itself before you use it to charge your phone. We recommend over night if you're having issues.
  2. Plug the iPhone connector from the bottom of the ChargeCase into the charging port on your phone.
  3. Here's the key step - press the button on the ChargeCase to initiate charging of your phone.

Still a problem? Restart your phone, launch the app again.

If this doesn't work - how good is your phone battery? 

Phone battery problems might be the culprit. If your phone doesn't charge well normally (without involving the ChargeChargeCase) and you see limited battery life, the ChargeCase can help extend the life of your phone battery, but it won't solve the problem. To get optimal and long-life battery results using the ChargeCase, you might want to replace your iPhone battery.

If you notice interrupted charging behavior...

... where you do not get a 60% boost, we suggest you reset your ChargeCase. 

Reset ChargeCase

  1. Press and hold the Button Pay button for 30 seconds
  2. Release and wait 8 seconds
  3. Press and hold again for 8 seconds (First, make sure Bluetooth is enabled in your phone settings)
  4. Then, launch the LoopPay App.
  5. Select Settings in the top left corner of the app, then select Accessory Settings.
  6. Tap Discover, select your Accessory Device ID, (this is the pairing step - see illustration at right.)discover-mac-address.png
  7. If your Accessory is not visible, press and hold the Button Pay button for 6 seconds or longer until a single LED begins to blink green. Your ChargeCase device ID should now be visible. Tap it to select it.
  8. Once connected again, you do not have to re-swipe your cards.

Now you should be able to charge your phone normally using the ChargeCase cable. Don't forget to press the Button on the ChargeCase once the cable is connected to your phone.   If charging issues continue, please create a Support Ticket.