Already have a LoopPay Account?

  1. The previous owner needs to unbind/erase the LoopPay device(s). So the new owner can bind to it.  This is really important! Check out how to do it below. 
  2. New owner - install the LoopPay App from the App Store or GooglePlay, retrieve the activation token from your email. Sign in.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Get Started Guide.
  4. For an Accessory like Card, CardCase or ChargeCase, verify Bluetooth settings are enabled on your phone. 
  5. Sign in with your account credentials.
  6. Go through the Get Started Wizard or....
  7. Go to the Settings, Accessory Settings.
  8. Discover and Connect and then Bind your Accessory.  
  9. Finally, swipe payment cards. You won't have to re-enter your card names or issuer numbers. All other cards such as IDs, loyalty or membership cards will be displayed from your LoopPay account.

New Owner of Loop Device WITHOUT a LoopPay Account?

Repeat the same steps above except for Step 1 - choose Create to get started with a LoopPay account, rather than Sign-in.

How to Unbind

If the device in question is a Fob, attach your device.  Or make sure if it's a Bluetooth Accessory, it's in range.

Go to Settings, choose either Fob or Accessory Settings. (ChargeCase, Card, CardCase).

Choose Unbind

After an Unbind, your payment cards will display as View Only. This is because the payment/track data was erased. If you edit a card, you will see basic information such as the name you gave the payment card and the issuer phone number, both retrieved by your account. Your security code is gone because it was stored on your device along with the payment data.