"Accessory" in this article refers to the Card or CardCase.  "Card" refers to both the Card and the CardCase.

The best way to set up your Accessory is with the Get Started Wizard which automatically starts after you install the app and sign in. If you skipped the wizard, have connection issues or need to repeat the steps manually, you have two choices.  

1) Settings, Accessory Settings (instructions below) or go to.....

2) Settings, User Guide, choose your device.

*There is no reason to Unbind in the case of a connection issue, unless LoopPay Support recommends it. 

Solve Connection Issues

Here are the basic steps with specific information below on how to perform each one. Your issue may resolve during any one of these steps. 

  1. Verify Bluetooth is turned on in your phone settings.  
    (Do you have a Smartwatch, too? Un-pairing the watch and re-pairing it after you connect your LoopPay device works well.)
  2. Power your phone down and back up.
  3. Is your Card/CardCase charged? 
  4. Is your Accessory icon gray at the top of the App? Reconnect it manually. 
  5. Card icon shows as connected but you're still having connection issues? Try Disconnecting in Accessory Settings and then repeat step 3 to re-connect.

See Detailed steps for 1-5 below. 

1) Verify Bluetooth is Enabled:

Troubleshooting Bluetooth

  1. For Android: choose Bluetooth. Tap the Config or Settings icon next to the LoopPay connection, and choose un-pair
  2. Open the app, go to App Settings, Accessory Settings and Set up the device again.  

If that doesn't solve your problem..... 

2) Power down your phone 

Some users never turn their phone off, even when charging. Sometimes this step can solve a connection problem immediately. Especially if you just upgraded your phone's operating system (OS).

3) Charge your Card

Connect the micro-USB cable to the bottom of your Card and charge it until all LEDs are solid green.

4) Reconnect Manuallysettings-discover-device.png

When you might need to reconnect if:

...you are having connection problems, and you already verified Bluetooth is enabled in your phone settings. 

...your accessory disconnected somehow.

Manual Reconnect Method

  1. Go to Settings, choose Accessory Settings.
  2. Tap Discover.
  3. At the Discover Device screen, hold the button on your Card for at 6 seconds or more until you see a single green light flash.
  4. Now tap the device number (MAC address) displayed.  Do you see multiple device numbers displayed?  Are there other bluetooth devices nearby such as your LoopPay ChargeCase? If so and your ChargeCase is nearby, see ChargeCase/Card pairing tips below.  Some Android phones might display a notification for Pair, open the Notification and tap Pair.
  5. Answer Yes to the Bind question if asked (if your device is already bound, this will not harm it or erase your payment cards).

5) Disconnect and Reconnectdiscover-mac-address.png

...If your Accessory icon is green in the wallet app status bar, but you're still having connection issues.

  1. Accessory shows as already connected? Tap Disconnect.
  2. Repeat steps above in Manual Reconnect method.

For more information, see the Android for Card/CardCase articles.  Or see Managing two Bluetooth devices such as Card and ChargeCase.

If these problems persist, we suggest you create a support ticket.  And apologies for the inconvenience.