Currently, the app can only communicate and manage one Bluetooth device at a time.

But you can still manage all your devices in one LoopPay account, even multiple Accessories like the ChargeCase and Card or CardCase. You can also manage your Fob there as well.  (Just a note, if you plan on attaching and reattaching between the ChargeCase and CardCase, the ChargeCase was not manufactured to be removed and re-attached to your phone multiple times.)

To Manage Two Bluetooth Devices with One Account....

Say you already have a ChargeCase and you want to prepare your new LoopPay Card for Button Pay.  Your payment cards are already stored on the ChargeCase, but they have to be swiped into the Card or CardCase, too.  

Before you connect your new Bluetooth Accessory, it's helpful to know the Device ID of your 1st device.  If your ChargeCase is already attached to your phone, you can't take it out of Bluetooth range .....and you don't need to. It's best not to remove the ChargeCase from your phone if you plan on using it.

Verify the first Device ID

  1. Is your first device charged?
  2. Move any other bluetooth devices, for example, your new LoopPay Card out of Bluetooth range, 30 feet is safe!

  3. Disconnect your ChargeCase in Settings, Accessory Settings (again, no need to remove it from your phone physically).
  4. Now tap Connect, Discover. Note down the first few digits of the Device ID in the Discover  screen, (see illustration at right.)discover-mac-address.png
  5. Not seeing the Device ID? Press the button on your device for 6 seconds or longer until you see ONE light blink green. Sometimes this takes longer than 6 seconds.

Ready to Connect your 2nd device?

  1. Ensure the device is charged.
  2. Disconnect the 1st device (ChargeCase in our example) in Accessory Settings.
  3. Connect and Discover your 2nd device. Be sure it's in Bluetooth vicinity.
     When you press the button to Discover, you might see two MAC addresses if the ChargeCase is still physically attached to your phone. Tap the new device ID (2nd device) to pair.
  4. Swipe the appropriate card(s) and set your default card. 
  5. Your payment cards are now available on both devices. You may even have different default cards for each device. 
  6. You can now disconnect your 2nd device and connect to the 1st device.  You'll be familiar with their device IDs.

Payment cards are only available on a LoopPay device if they have been swiped while that device was connected.