"Accessory" refers to the Card, CardCase or ChargeCase in this Guide. Fob has its own menu in Settings.

In the Settings Menu,You Can:

  • Change your profile info - address or phone, add your picture or your signature
  • Change your PIN or password
  • View the quick tutorials (Guides) on how to set up, swipe your cards, and pay with your devices
  • Change your Accessory or Fob Settings
  • See About this App - useful info for support issues
  • View Device Info
  • Sign out

In Device Settings, You Can:

Edit your Profile Info
    • Add your Profile Photo
    • Add your Signature in Profile Info
    • Edit your address information in Profile Info
Change your Device settings 

    • Button Pay Options
    • Discover, Connect or Disconnect your device(s)
    • Bind or Unbind

Solve a Connection Issue

We have articles on each device for connections issues.  Choose your device and operating system below.

Fob for iPhone

Card/CardCase for iPhone

ChargeCase for iPhone

Fob for Android

Card/CardCase for Android


You were asked to Bind when setting up your LoopPay devices. Bind links your Accessory with your account and the App.


Erase or Unbind does the opposite; it erases or unbinds all information stored on the device. 

All your information, including your payment card track data (magnetic stripe) will be erased from the LoopPay device. But your LoopPay account will remain intact. Your credit card names, issuer phone numbers, ID's, membership and loyalty cards will remain in your account. You can unbind a Accessory without disconnecting it in Settings, nor do you need to physically remove it (ChargeCase) to unbind it.

Why unbind from your account and erase a LoopPay device? 

  • New LoopPay Device Owner (pre-owned device) - erase your information before the new owner receives it.
  • Upgrading to a new LoopPay device before you recycle your old device at a certified electronic recycler like Staples or Best Buy. Don't throw it in the trash.
  • Connection issues that can't be solved using other means

Topics related to Unbind:

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I'm getting a new phone or New LoopPay Device 

New phone and a new LoopPay device 

I got a USED LoopPay device

Other questions related to your device settings or account?

What happens if I lose my phone or LoopPay device?

What if I lose my password?  - At the sign in screen, you can Tap "Forgot My Password"

What if I forget my PIN? You'll need a Support Ticket for that and we're happy to help! 

What is Sync Pin?

dk-blue-button-sm.pngUpdating LoopPay Card Firmware     or     More Get Started Topics