If you didn't get a good transmission....

  1. Is your device charged? 
  2. Paying with Button Pay? Is Button Pay enabled in device Settings?
  3. If you set a Button Pay timer, has the timer expired?
  4. Has the credit card you swiped now expired?
  5. Are you telling the merchant what card type you're using? And waiting until they're ready?
  6. Don't be afraid to ask the clerk if it's OK for you to try to transmit a payment again. If you tell them you're a new LoopPay user, they'll be happy to have you try more than once.

  7. Are you placing the device logo side down in the center of the terminal slot? Sometimes the sweet spot is not in the center.

  8. Look for the "Reader Head" inside the terminal card swipe slot. It's a small, silver piece of metal, usually in the middle of the slot. Rest your device over the top of it, logo side down.  
    Can't see the Reader Head? Move your LoopPay device slightly to the left of your original transmission (less than an inch).
  9. Press the Button again.  Still no transmission? Remind the clerk again of the payment card you're using. Wait for the clerk to be ready.
  10. Move the device slightly to the right beyond your original position, press the Button. 

    You can repeat these steps moving your device up the card slot,
    Transmit. Move it down the slot, Transmit again. Make sure the Clerk is ready each time.

Still Didn't Get a Good Transmission?

If you didn't still get a good transmission, it could be that merchant is in the small percentage of those "not yet in the Loop". Often it's a matter of updating the software of the terminal, or making a small configuration change in the settings. 

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