Two ways to pay:

  1. Button Pay uses the button on your LoopPay device/accessory.
  2. "App Pay" or "Tap to Pay" with the app open - Choose a payment card (see next article)

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 Button Pay - Quick Start

  1. Is Button Pay enabled in Button Pay Settings? (Set to Always or a Timer)
  2. Do you have a good charge on your LoopPay device?
  3. Remember - Button Pay uses your Default Card and you need to have at last one payment card swiped.
  4. Prep the merchant - tell them what card are you using, Debit Visa or Credit MasterCard. Be specific. 
  5. When the merchant is ready, rest the back of the LoopPay device (logo side down) against the point of sale terminal - aim for the center of the terminal card swipe slot. Card tip: the Card does work both ways, logo up or down. CardCase tip: most people use their ring or middle finger wrapped around behind the CardCase. Fob tip: "Big"Logo side down works best.  
  6. Push the button. 

Want more details?

For instance, what do you say?

It's always best to tell the merchant how you will be paying. Sometimes the terminal has to be set for the credit card type. You can start out by saying:  "Want to see something cool? I'm going to pay with my Debit Visa. It's actually stored on this LoopPay device."

Advanced Tip: Reader Headterminal-reader-head.png

If you look for it, you might be able to see a small silver piece of metal inside the card swipe slot. This is the Reader Head, and it's actually the best spot to rest the logo of your device before you transmit payment.

Didn't Get a Good Transmission of Payment?

Make sure the clerk is ready and re-position the device on the terminal slot slightly and try again. Once you do it a few times, you'll get a feel for where to place your LoopPay Device.

If your transmission isn't successful the first time, check out More Tips.

Paying in a Restaurant 

When you get your bill... there are two ways you can handle this:

1) Ask if you can accompany the server to the terminal...

"Would you mind if I go with you to the Point of Sale so I can pay with my LoopPay device? My credit card is stored on it." They'll usually be happy to have you follow them.


2) Hand your device to them and say:

"My credit card is stored on this LoopPay device." Explain how to place it on the terminal logo side down, and push the button. 

Optionally, before you hand your device over, you can set your Button Pay Options to 10 minutes in Settings.

Clerk Facing Terminal

You can hand your device to the clerk and explain how to pay with it... or

....master what we call the LoopPay Reach.

  1. "I'm paying with my Visa, I have it stored on this LoopPay device. Can I show you how it works?"
  2. If you can't see where cards are swiped at the terminal, you can ask, "Where do you usually swipe cards? Can you point to it?" or
    Tell the clerk "I just need to place it near the center of the card swipe slot."
  3. Then you reach across to the POS (you'll figure out how to do this, with practice), turn your hand around so you can aim the device, and press the button.

Usually, when merchant see what you're trying to do, they will help you place your device properly. Next time, you'll be more familiar with the "Clerk-Facing moves". Clerks are becoming familiar with LoopPay and they will soon know what to do.

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