Default Card

show-me-button.pngYour Default Card is the first card you swiped into your LoopPay device, and it’s the only card that may be used with Button Pay. You may want to change your Default Card for one, or all your LoopPay devices.

To do this:

1) Open the App, sign in or enter PIN. (If you're changing the Fob default card, attach the LoopPay Fob to the audio jack of your phone)

2) Make sure Payment is highlighted in the horizontal menu, choose and tap the payment card you want to designate as your Default card.

3) Scroll down to the bottom select Set this Card as Default. 

You'll have 3 choices.  Set as Default for:



Default for All

4) Make your choice and tap Save in the upper right corner of the screen to return to the main app screen. 

Delete Card


1) Tap your card.

2) Tap the Edit button in the upper right (looks like a paper with a pencil).

3) Choose Delete Card on the next screen. Choose: 

Delete from Fob 

Delete from Accessory 

Delete from Server 

Delete from All 

4) Tap Save

When you delete from all the devices but not the server, your payment card becomes a "View Only Card". 

This is useful for online or phone orders but it can't be transmitted. If you delete a card from a device accidentally, all you have to do is attach or connect the device (if needed) and re-swipe the card. 

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