Magnetic Stripe Data or Payment Cards are stored on your LoopPay Device......  Not in your LoopPay App or account.

  • Remember, the first card you swiped is your Default Card... the card Button Pay uses. 

  • Each device can have a different default card, or the same default card for both. (See black arrows)

  • Icons to the right of the payment cards tell you which device is storing them.
  • Manage where cards are stored using the "delete" card function. Open the card, choose Edit (pen/pad icon upper right) and choose the device(s) you'd like to delete the card from.

The View-Only card at the bottom of this payment list (above) doesn't have a device icon at all because it's a View-Only card. This means the payment data is not stored on any LoopPay device. 

Why would a card look like this? And why would View-Only cards be useful?

There are a number of reasons:

...If a payment card (like a gift card) was keyed in manually or entered without the Reader or Fob attached. This is useful for:  

  1. cards without a magnetic stripe
  2. cards that have a damaged magnetic stripe
  3. for cards that were received as a gift over the internet
  4. Cards you only use for E-commerce.

Other Reasons:

...If a payment card was deleted from all your LoopPay devices but left on in your account (you can choose this option), it will appear as view-only. This is helpful if you only want to use the card for e-commerce payments.

...If the card is stored only on your Fob, and the Fob is detached.

...If you unbound your device(s) and the magnetic stripe or track data has been erased. The information remaining on the server is the card name and expiration date - and that's all. In that case, depending on why you unbound in the first place, you might want to re-swipe your payment cards. The track data will be again saved on your LoopPay devices.

You can always delete a card from any of LoopPay device you choose with the Delete Card function.

Tip: Cards entered manually cannot be transmitted via the LoopPay Fob as payment; they are view-only.

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