Button Pay is paying with the Button on your LoopPay device. The App does not have to be active, but in order to use Button Pay, the option has to be set to Always or to a Timer in Button Pay Options.

See how Button Pay is used in a video. 

1) During Get Started Wizard, the App asked you to confirm your Button Pay setting but you can always change it. Go to Settings, choose Device Settings, and choose Button Pay.

Button Pay Options 

Always - Your LoopPay device Button can always transmit your default card. 

Never - This disables Button Pay. You can only pay from the App with a payment card open (App Pay or Tap to Pay) - you transmit payment by tapping the card image.

Timer Lock Options - 10 Min or 8 Hrs - This setting utilizes a timer. When it expires, Button Pay is deactivated. 

2) Happy with your Button Pay Setting? Tap Save in the upper right corner. Remember, Button Pay uses your Default Card. 

How to Change Your Default Card

In the Payment menu, choose your card, tap the edit icon and choose Set as Default Card.

Re-Set timer

CardCase, Card or ChargeCase: Open the app, enter your PIN. Save the timer setting again in Button Pay options, minimize the app, and the timer will begin counting down again.

Fob: Attach the Fob, open the app and enter your PIN. The timer will count down again when you detach your Fob.

Button Pay Tip - Pay a restaurant bill using the timer

The 10 minute setting can be useful if you are handing your LoopPay device or even your phone to a server to pay a restaurant bill. The timer locks Button Pay after 10 minutes or 8 hours. 

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