Fob_Diagram_vertical.jpgGetting Familiar With Your Loop Fob 

  • Loop Fob LED (Light) see color indications in diagram at right. 
  • Transmit Button on the side of the Loop Fob – for transmitting (Button Pay) payments when the Fob is detached from your phone. 
  • Micro-USB Charging Port – for charging your Loop Fob using a device (laptop or USB pluggable charge block) and the included USB cable. 

The Fob Has Three Functions:

  1. Reads the mag stripe data on the back of your debit, credit, gift and ID cards.
  2. Securely stores your card and ID data in its own encrypted memory. (Therefore, the data is stored by you and not on Loop servers.) 
  3. Transmits your card data to Mag Stripe Readers/Point of Sale (POS) terminals using Button Pay or App Pay methods. 

When you connect your Fob to your phone with the audio jack, you should hear a solid "click". 

The App Get Started Wizard will ask you to Bind your Fob. This will associate the Fob with your LoopPay account on your phone so only you can use it. 

Since the Fob uses the audio jack for connection.  Having the volume high is important and so is disabling any sound equalizer apps that might interfere with that connection. 

Fob properly Connected? You should see a colored Fob icon at the top of your App window. 

Connection error?

If that icon is still gray or you're getting an initialization message, see the 
Fob for iPhone
Fob for Android

When the Wizard is complete, you'll see Fob Connected displayed at the top of your app. If you're only using the Fob, you should see a color icon representing your Fob, and the device icon for the Accessory (Card/CardCase or ChargeCase) will be gray. 


What do the LED color combinations mean?

Solid Green:  When connected to a charger, this means charged.
Red Green Red Green:  Means either your Fob is not bound to an account or you don't have a default card, (usually if you haven't yet swiped payment cards.)

Blinking Red: This means normal payment transmission.