You can charge both your phone and your ChargeCase at the same time.   

  1. Slide out the iPhone Charger cable from your ChargeCase.
  2. Plug it into the lightning connector on the bottom of your phone
  3. Connect the ChargeCase (not your phone) to your computer with the USB charging cable. Both ChargeCase and phone will charge a the same time, two for one!
  5. When charging is complete, disconnect the USB charging cable from the ChargeCase, remove the ChargeCase lightning connector from the phone and slide the connector back into place in the ChargeCase.
  6. Use your phone as you normally would. When your phone reports low battery, connect the Case's iPhone Charger cable to your phone to recharge your phone battery. Press the ChargeCase button to initiate charging.

Recharge your ChargeCase at the next opportunity, or charge them both at the same time with the handy tip above.

Note, the ChargeCase provides an approximate 60% charging BOOST rather than a full recharge. Percentages reported inside LoopPay app may reflect varying percentages. For challenges with charging, see Troubleshoot Charging. 

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Solve Issues with Charging or Boosting your Phone

Having trouble getting a Charge "Boost" to your phone?

Is your ChargeCase fully charged? If you plug it into a charging station and it's still blinking, further charge is needed. We suggest a full charge before you use this feature to boost your phone the first time.

Here's the key step to boosting your phone's charge  - after you connect the lightening cable from the Case to your phone, press the button on the ChargeCase to initiate charging of your phone.

Still having issues?

Phone battery problems might be the culprit. If your phone doesn't charge well normally (without involving the ChargeChargeCase) and you see limited battery life with normal use, the ChargeCase can help extend the life of your phone battery, but it won't solve the problem. To get optimal and long-life battery results using the ChargeCase, you might want to replace your iPhone battery.

Do you notice interrupted charging behavior, or maybe you're not seeing a 60% boost?  We suggest you reset your ChargeCase, see below. 

To reset your ChargeCase:  

  1. Press and hold the Button Pay button for 30 seconds
  3. Release and wait 5 seconds
  4. Press and hold again for 6 seconds 
  6. Is Bluetooth is enabled in your phone settings?  If so, then, launch the LoopPay App.
  8. Select the Settings icon in the top left corner of the app, select Accessory Settings.
  9. Tap “Discover” and select your Accessory, (this is the pairing step see illustration at right). discover-mac-address.png
  10. If your Accessory is not visible, press and hold the Button Pay button for 5 seconds. Your ChargeCase should now be visible.  Select it.

Note, you do not have to re-swipe your cards after a reset.

Now you should be able to charge your phone normally using the ChargeCase cable. Don't forget to press the Button on the ChargeCase once the lightening cable is connected to your phone.    

If charging issues persist, we suggest you create a support ticket.