discover-mac-address.pngVerify that Bluetooth is enabled on your Android phone. Then use the following steps to reconnect to the LoopPay Card:

  1. On your Android phone, return to the LoopPay Settings screen.
  2. Press the Accessory Settings option.
  3. Press and hold the button on the LoopPay Card until a single green LED starts blinking. (This takes a few seconds).
  4. Place the LoopPay Card under your Android phone.
  5. Tap Set Up LoopPay Accessory.
  6. When the Pair Accessory screen opens, tap Pay with Loop.
  7. After the pairing is successful, tap Go to Settings Page.
  8. When the Securely Bound Accessory dialog displays, tap Bind.
This will pair and bind the LoopPay Card to your LoopPay account. 

For certain Android phones (Motorola, HTC, Sony), the Bluetooth Pair request comes up as an Android notification.  Open the notification and tap Pair.

When the LoopPay app has been disconnected from the LoopPay Card, and you try to re-connect to the LoopPay Card, it may take 30 or more seconds for Pair notification to display on certain Android devices (Motorola, HTC, Sony) Open the notification and tap Pair.

Sometimes an operation will fail, such as Set Default Card, or Delete Card. Trying again is usually successful.