Payment Card Card Swiping into LoopPay Card Image

Be sure you have good cell or wi-fi signal before swiping cards into your devices.

Why Swipe Payment Cards? Your LoopPay device can transmit payment of Mag Stripe cards you swipe into your device....

  • ...when you press the Button Pay button on your LoopPay device.
  • ...or when you tap the payment card inside the App.  

What are "Mag Stripe Cards?" Does My Name have to be on it?

This is a payment card with a magnetic stripe on the back. If you're swiping a credit or debit card such as a Discover, American Express, Visa or Mastercard, the card has to match the name on your LoopPay account. However, there is flexibility in how the first name and middle name appears.

Swipe Card with Fob image

A gift card with a magnetic stripe does not have to have your name on it.

  • Button Pay is paying with your device Button and it uses the Default Card. That's the first card you swipe, or the card you decide will be default.
  • Decide which payment card will be your default card - and swipe that card first.  
  • Attach your Fob to your phone, or attach your Card Reader to your LoopPay Card.  

show-me-button.pngDon't want to read? Tap the Show Me button.

Add Your First Payment Card

1) On the main LoopPay screen, make sure Payment is highlighted in the horizontal menu.

Select the [ + ] in the upper right corner. 

How to Swipe - You'll need your Fob inserted into your phone or Card Reader inserted into your LoopPay Accessory.

a) Insert your magnetic stripe card at the "folded" corner of your reader.

b) With the magnetic stripe facing down....

c) The card you're swiping facing toward you....

d) Swipe in direction of the arrows shown in the diagrams.

e) Use one fluid motion. Not too fast, not too slow.

Swipe Tip 1: 

Got a swipe error? Swipe a bit slower, and apply even pressure all the way through the swipe movement. Some users find swiping

Card swipe using Card Reader attached to phone image

from the other direction works better for them. Swipe Tip 2: Ensure the magnetic stripe travels slowly and evenly, with the edge of the card against the base of the reader, all the way through the swipe.

Swipe Tip 2: 

Ensure the magnetic stripe travels slowly and evenly, with the edge of the card against the base of the reader, all the way through the swipe.

Swipe Tip 3:

Having trouble swiping a business card? If your name isn't on the card, or the company name appears before your name, you'll likely get an error message. Having trouble swiping a Visa gift card? Same situation. The LoopPay App is trying to match your name to the card.

2) Enter Card Information

The next three fields are optional. 

Name Your Card - enter anything that will help you identify this card. Consider it a nickname.

3-digit security code - located on the back of the card, (For American Express card - 4 digit ode on front.) 

Card issuer phone number - customer service

Digital Wallet Tip #1

Enter all fields: Your new Digital Wallet should have all of the information you used to carry in your old, fat, leather version. Merchants might ask to see your security code or you might need it for an online or phone order.

Digital Wallet Tip #2

Enter the Customer Service phone number: You can dial the customer service number inside the App simply by Flipping your payment card so you can see the back of it, and then tapping this phone number! So why not enter it?

3) Finished? Tap Save - upper right corner.

4) Next, choose a stock image, or choose Take Photo of Card. If you choose to take a photo, notice you can accept or re-take the photo.

5) After saving your first card, the app will ask you to confirm the Button Pay Options setting.

dk-blue-button-sm.pngButton Pay Options     or    More Get Started Topics