If you haven't already, remove your device from the packaging. 

If you have a Fob, remove it from the colorful rubber "bumper" that protects it to expose the audio jack. The Fob does not utilize Bluetooth for connection.

If you have a Card, CardCase or ChargeCase, (Accessory) enable Bluetooth on your phone.

If you have an iPhone, is your Operating System 7.0 or higher?

If you have an Android phone.... is your Operating System 4.3 or higher? Check to see if your Android is on the Compatible List for your device.

Enable Bluetooth - want us to show you how? Click the Show Me Button at right. 


Instructions are similar for Android devices.
For iPhone: swipe your finger up from the bottom of the phone. Note the Bluetooth icon, if it's white, it's already on. If it's black, that means off, tap it to enable Bluetooth.

For Android: swipe your finger down from the top of the phone.  If the icon is green, it's on. If not, tap the icon to enable Bluetooth.  

Assembling/Attaching Your Devices

Don't want to read? Learn how to assemble your devices - tap the Show Me button at right.

Fob: Connect your Fob to your phone. You should hear a solid "click". 


You can assemble your CardCase and phone with the Card attached or detached. show-me-button.png

Lay the CardCase on a table and angle your phone into it left side first (where the volume buttons are). Angle the right side of your phone into the Case - you might have to pull the Case slightly apart with your fingers to snap your phone and Case together. 



See the instructions and diagram at left.

Charging Your Devices

Your Accessory needs to be charged occasionally. We recommend fully charging your device before you continue with set up and connection.  

Fob/Card Reader Tip:

If you have a Fob, it requires charging. The small black Card Reader does not require a charge.

Card/CardCase Tip:

The Card can be attached, or detached from the CardCase during charging. It's actually the Card, and not the Case itself that you charge. You'll find the charge port at the base of the Card.

How to Charge the Card: Connect the supplied micro-USB cable to the bottom port of the Card (the Card does not need to be attached to the Case) to a laptop or charging block. If you see blinking green lights, it's not fully charged. Solid lights means it's charged.

How to Charge the ChargeCase:
  Connect the supplied micro-USB cable to the side of the ChargeCase. It's fully charged when all four LED's are solid green. Blinking lights mean charging is still in process.  

Check out this ChargeCase tip for a fast way to charge your ChargeCase and phone at the same time.  Or see Charging Issues and Solutions.

How to Charge the Fob:  Remove the rubber bumper and connect the supplied micro-USB cable to the side of the Fob. It's fully charged when the LED is solid green; blinking means charging is in process.

The Startup Wizard & Device Connection

You'll be prompted to use the Startup Wizard or Skip it. We suggest you don't skip the Wizard - it will help you do the following: 

1) Bind Accessory so only YOU can use it.

2) Discover and connect your Fob or Accessory. Fob uses the audio jack of your phone for Connection. Other devices (Accessories) such as the Card/CardCase or ChargeCase utilize Bluetooth.  

You'll be asked to hold the Accessory button for 7 seconds during the Bluetooth pairing process. (Bluetooth must be enabled in your iPhone or Android settings - see instructions above).

3) Insert Fob or Reader, Bind Fob, Discover Accessory, Pair Accessory, Bind Accessory, Success!

Tip: Already a Fob User?  

If you already have a Fob and a LoopPay account, and you are using it to swipe cards into your new Card/CardCase, it's OK to answer Yes to the Bind Fob? question so the wizard can proceed to connecting your Accessory. The app won't erase your Fob, it knows it's bound to your account. If you skip the Bind Fob step, the wizard will end. You can re-start it in Settings, User Guides, Set Up Accessory.

Finally, the wizard will help you swipe your payment cards.

When the Setup Wizard is complete, your Accessory (Card, CardCase or ChargeCase) should be represented as a green icon at the top of the app. Your Fob, if connected, will display as the blue icon. If you have a Fob and an Accessory, and the Fob is connected, you'll see both icons in color and the text "Both Connected" displayed at the top of your app. 

When you detach your Fob, the Fob icon color will change to gray. See below.

If your Accessory is disconnected, it will also appear gray. You can re-connect or pair it, in Settings, Accessory Settings

If you skip the wizard, have trouble connecting, or want to disconnect your Accessory for use with a different phone, please see Bluetooth Connection, or see your device in the table below.

Fob for iPhone

Card/CardCase for iPhone

ChargeCase for iPhone

Fob for Android

Card/CardCase for Android

The last step in the Setup Wizard is swiping your first payment card. This can be any payment, loyalty, reward or merchant-branded gift card with a magnetic stripe on the back.

What do the LEDs or lights mean on LoopPay devices? 

Blinking Green lights that go from bottom to top means "payment transmission". For example, when you transmit a payment. When attached to a charger, it means charging.

Solid Green - For Card, ChargeCase or Fob - when connected to a charger, this means charged.
Red Green Red Green - For a Fob means either your Fob is not bound to an account or you don't have a default card, (usually if you haven't swiped payment cards.)

Blinking Red - For a Fob, this means normal payment transmission.  

Blinking Orange - For a Card, signifies error. Or, if there isn't a default card or transmittable payment card. This could result if you unbound your Accessory, or deleted the cards from it.

No lights - your device definitely needs a charge! 

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