For the iPhone or Android?  The current Android version at Google Play is using the original LoopPay verification method.  See below.

iPhone Identity Verification Tips

The LoopPay App for iPhone is using our new Identification Verification method where you take a photo of your ID and then a photo of yourself. 

Having issues?  Check out the tips below and then try again.  Tap Verify ID in the top of the app and begin again.  You will have four opportunities to verify your ID; after that your account will be locked until support can unlock it for you.

1) Is your ID on the Supported list? Or perhaps it’s on the Unsupported list? See below.  Military IDs don’t work because the birthdate is not on the first page.

Supported IDs

National ID (per state)


Passport Card

Driver license

Permanent resident ID card (Green card)

Unsupported IDs

Student Ids (as it is not government issued)

Military ID card (DOB is missing)

Border Crossing card

2) Simple things to check to make sure your Selfie closely matches your ID. 

  • Was your Selfie blurred or taken from too far away, or too close to capture your whole face? 
  • Were you wearing glasses in your Selfie but not in your ID photo? 
  • Sometimes ensuring your hair matches your ID can help, for example, letting your hair down if it’s down in your ID.
  • Lastly, did you have your camera set to Black and White?  The camera needs to be set for color.

3) Has your name changed since you got your ID? In order to pass IDV, the name on your LoopPay account has to match the name on your ID.  And then, the name on your payment cards has to match as well. Or perhaps you entered your married name, and your ID is in your maiden name?  The ID name(s) (first and last) and the name you provided for your LoopPay account have to match.

4) Is your Passport expired, punched or outdated?  If your Passport has been “punched” by the Passport service (it has a hole punched in it), it cannot be used for verification.  

5) Are you trying to take a photo of a digital copy of your ID? If so, that won’t work.  Digital images cannot be used in Identity Verification.

6) Are you trying to take a photo of a digital copy of your face? That won’t work either. 

7)  Could you have mixed up the front and back photos while taking photos of your ID? 
Front needs to match the Front of your ID and Back needs to match Back.  

8) Could you have misspelled your name (first or last) when you provided your name at the beginning of the Identification process?
 For instance, if the name on your ID is James and you provided Jim, we recommend you correct it and try the process again.

9) Has your ID been edited digitally? And re-printed?

If your ID has been digitally manipulated or reproduced in any way, Identity Verification will not be possible with that ID.

10) Do I need to provide my middle name?

The app only asks for first and last name…. if you provided a middle name, the ID might not be verified.  Remove the middle name or initial and try again.

11) Can I add payment cards while my ID verification is pending? 
Yes, but those payment cards will not be transmittable at the terminal with your LoopPay device. They will be "view only." While you are waiting, go ahead and add your drivers license or other forms of IDs, library cards, insurance cards, etc. in the ID/Member section.

If you are unsuccessful in your attempts to complete verification, please create a Support Ticket and we'll gladly assist you

Android Identity Verification 

If you had trouble passing Identity Verification (IDV), we suggest you try again with the following some helpful tips below.

If you have already purchased your LoopPay device, the best way to try sign up again is to download the app to your phone, and choose Create Account. If you have already tried this, skip to the bottom of this post - it explains how to create a support ticket.  

Identity Verification Tips:

First, are you a US resident? For now, LoopPay is available only to US residents. If you don’t have a social security number OR a US address, we will not be able to verify you.  If you don't have a Social Security number, the databases may be able to identify you with your address and some security questions.  By the way, we are expanding internationally in the near future. 

1) Avoid using symbols such as @ & - " ' ( ) in name or address fields.

2) Skip the social security field if you don’t have one - you will likely pass if you have a US address and the rest of your personal information can be verified.

3) Use your full and legal name 

  • Not just initials or a nickname.  
  • Don't use hyphens in your name. Try using your maiden name and then your married name only, one at a time.  
  • Use your maiden name if you are newly married (unless your credit cards are already in your married name).
  • Use your personal address and phone number (not your your company's address or phone number).

4)  If you've moved recently, try using your old address.  You can always change your address in Settings later once you get signed in.

5) Use a physical address rather than a PO Box.

6) Spell out abbreviations such as street, avenue, north and south, and use full city names.

7) A US land line phone number can help. Those databases are more public than cell phone databases. 

8) If you rent or are in college and there are no utilities in your name, a manual verification might be necessary.  

If you are unsuccessful in your second attempt to sign-up, please create a Support Ticket and we'll gladly assist you. Security is important to LoopPay and we know this part of sign-up might be inconvenient.  We also hope in the long run, our emphasis on security is important to our customers. 

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