1 - First Steps - App Download & Create Account

Don't want to read? Anywhere in the Get Started Guide, you can click the Show Me buttons to watch videos.  View these topics in order, 1, 2, 3 and so on to see the entire Get Started Guide.

1) Download & Install the App On Your Phone:

You can do this from your LoopPay Welcome e-mail, or from the App Store.

Already Signed Up for a LoopPay account? Identity Veified?  Have your password and PIN ready to  go? Sign in and skip to the Add Payment Card section.   

2) Create Your LoopPay Account

You may have already created an account online when you purchased your LoopPay device. If not, choose Create Account. Your email address is your username.  

During this process, you'll be asked to create a password, PIN, and when requested entered the Activation token emailed to you.  (If you don't get that token, you can tap "Didn't receive an email" and another will be emailed to you.

3) Identity Verification (IDV)

Why do we do this? To ensure your name matches your payment cards, and to prevent fraud.  LoopPay security ensures only you can use your LoopPay devices and your LoopPay account.

Identity Verification For iPhone


The new iOS app utilizes a new form of Identity Verification.  Click the Show Me button (at left) and watch how it's done.  You will take a photo of your ID, and and then of yourself.  We do the rest.  Until you have been identified, you can't connect your LoopPay device or swipe your payment cards. 

The key points to remember are:

  • Choose an approved ID - Passport, State ID, Drivers License, Passport card             
  • Ensure good light for the photo
  • Center your ID within the brackets
  • Be sure the whole ID is within the brackets (don't cut off the right or left side)
  • Wait for the app to take the photo of your ID  - It will do this automatically when your ID is centered and your hand is steady.  If the camera won't focus, move the camera closer and then farther away until it focuses
  • When taking your "selfie", you push the camera button yourself; don't turn your head to the side or cut off part of your face   Identity Verification Issues? If not, <Next> Enable Bluetooth, Attach & Connect Devices.

Identity Verification for Android 

LoopPay for Android currently utilizes your name, 4 digits of your social security number and your birth date to identify you.  A new version of Identification is coming to Android soon.  Be as complete as you can when filling in your personal information.

a) Your Personal Data 

Legal Name: Use your legal, or given first and last name (as it appears on your birth certificate, social security card or marriage license). Ensure the name you sign up with also matches the last name on your debit and credit cards. 

Address information: Complete address information is a necessity - spell out words such as street, east, west, etc., and give full city names. Avoid abbreviations. If you recently moved, it's possible your old address will help us accurately identify you. You can always edit your phone # or address later in Settings/Profile after you have set up your account.

Phone number: Land line phones assist identity verification. Cell phone records are not public or searchable. 

Your Birth Date & Social Security Number: These will only be used during the ID verification and will not be stored or shared by LoopPay.  
An ID verification question: You will be asked a question based on data found about you. For example, In which of the following cities have you lived? If you answer incorrectly, you will be given a chance to retry. Identity Verification Issues?

Let's continue setting up your account.

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