How does my phone connect to the Card, CardCase or ChargeCase?

The connection is Bluetooth and Bluetooth therefore, has to be enabled in your phone.

I don't like to read, is there a video that will show me how to do this?

You bet. Check out Get Started -  SetUp and  How to LoopPay

What's the difference between a LoopPay Card and a CardCase?

The Card fits into the CardCase. The Card itself is the same for both products. If you don't have an iPhone 5 or 5S, you can still use the LoopPay Card, even if you have an Android. And the Card ships with a handy adhesive pouch you can attach to the back of your phone for easy Card storage. 

Can I pay with just my phone once I swipe payment cards? Without my LoopPay Card? 

No, you have to have the Card to pay. Sorry, we're working on the "Magic Card" solution! 

Can I manage my ChargeCase, my CardCase and my Fob in the LoopPay App?

Yes, you can. The App is designed to manage a Fob and an Accessory, (Card, CardCase or ChargeCase), at the same time. But if you have more than one Accessory (multiple BlueTooth devices), you have to disconnect one before you can connect (pair) with the other. We have users who love their ChargeCase but also have a Card. Here's the process: Disconnect the ChargeCase to swipe payment cards into the Card and to set your Button Pay option and default card. Then, disconnect and pair with the ChargeCase again, set those options. You can do all of this in App Settings or you can Connect using Settings, User Guide, Set up Accessory.

Android Device Compatibility

Make sure your Android phone has OS 4.3 or above. (operating system) and check the Android Compatible List for Fob/Card/CardCase. If you don't find your phone on either the compatible or incompatible list, it doesn't mean your phone can't run the LoopPay App, it just means your phone might not have been tested yet. We're testing as many of the hundreds of Android devices as we can. I'm nervous about paying with my LoopPay device for the first time.

It might help knowing, you're a pioneer in a cutting edge technology. Those around you will be watching you to see that cool thing you're doing. That can seem like pressure but take heart, you're going to wow them. But there are some keys to using LoopPay. Check out the How to LoopPay section of the User Guides.  

I'm getting an error "Initialization failed" on my phone and/or my LoopPay Fob is not behaving as expected for payment or card swipe.

The App needs access to your microphone to function properly. It asks for permission during set up. Your phone settings might not be optimal for communication with your device. Here's how to check them.


On your phone, go to Settings > Privacy. You should see LoopPay displayed there. 

Also, make sure you haven't enabled the Volume Limit feature on your iPhone. Go to Settings> Music. It should be turned off (gray). If it's green, turning it "off" with a swipe of your finger should solve your problem. 


It varies by phone, but generally, tap Settings, go to Sound, check for Volume (make sure it's high.)
Sometimes disabling Beats Audio or other sound equalizer apps can eliminate issues with connecting your LoopPay device. Be sure and check the Android Compatible list to be sure your phone is compatible.

I'm having trouble with Button Pay - It doesn't work for me.

You most likely have your Button Pay Option set to Never. Or your Timer setting has expired. Button Pay only works if you have the option set to Always or to one of the Timed settings. Go to Settings in the App, choose your device, then tap Button Pay. Don't forget to save any change you make. 

How do I get help if I need it? 

If our Customer Support articles don't provide an answer.... go to Support and create a ticket.

I'm having trouble getting my LoopPay ChargeCase to charge my phone

Some easy fixes. After you connect the attached lightening cable to the charging port of your phone, do you press the Button Pay button on the side of the Case to initiate charging? Is your Case fully charged (no blinking lights when you plug it in to charge? Can your phone battery hold a charge and does charging usually go normally? If not, see the Charging article for ChargeCase.

How do I change my LoopPay password?

Check out the Change Password topic for the steps.  We encourage you to choose a password you don't use for anything else and to change it occasionally.

What do the Fob LED lights mean when I push theTransmit Button?

The LED light (there is only one) has a lot of duties. Here are the color combinations and what they mean:

Green - when Fob is plugged in using charging cable means fully charged

Flashing Green - when plugged in to be charged means charging is incomplete.

Red - when detached, means "transmitting", for example when you're using Button Pay. 

Red Green Red Green Red Green - can mean a number of things depending on the circumstance. You will get this color combination when you press the button for the following scenarios:

  • When Fob is critically low on battery
  • The Fob is unbound, is not yet "bound" or has been erased with the Unbind command in Settings.
  • There is no payment card, (no default card) stored in the Fob, (no cards have been swiped) or the cards are view only. How could this happen? The card might have been added manually or perhaps deleted from the Fob but left on the server.
  • The Fob is currently attached to phone. In attached mode, the Fob button has no function. Instead, you should use Tap to Pay inside your LoopPay app. (Open a payment card and Tap to Pay.)

Sometimes my LoopPay device works for payment, sometimes it doesn't.

There are some likely causes for non-transmittal of payment as expected. Please check:

  • Have you set your Button Pay option set to “Never"? If so, choose one of the other options.
  • Is your LoopPay device battery fully charged? When you attach the charging cable to it, the LED should be solid green indicating full charge. A blinking green LED means "charging".
  • Is your payment card expired? If it's expired, the transmission will fail just as it would for a regular credit card.
  • Did your timer expire? Here's how to reset it:

Card, CardCase or ChargeCase: Re-launch the app, enter your PIN. Save the timer setting again in Settings, Button Pay options, minimize the app and the timer will begin counting down again.

Fob: Attach the Fob to your phone, relaunch the app and your PIN. The timer will count down when you detach your Fob.

  • If you're using a Fob, using App Pay, do you have your microphone enabled and at full volume? Loop needs access to it, see Initialization in this article for instructions on how to do this.
  • Your placement of the device against the terminal is important. Making sure the Clerk is ready for your card (Discover, Debit Visa) is really key.
  • Some merchants are "not yet in the Loop" as we say. Less than 10% of merchant terminals don't yet work with LoopPay. You can report this to us at and help us close this gap.

How do I change my default card?

If you're trying to change the default card on your Fob, attach it to your phone. If you have two Bluetooth devices (ChargeCase and Card), connect and pair with the device in question. At this time, the App can only manage one Bluetooth device at a time.

  • Open the card you wish to be your new default card. 
  • Tap Set Card as Default

I'm having trouble swiping my payment cards. 

It does take practice and we can help you with that. Keep in mind, if you don't have your Accessory (LoopPay Card, CardCase or ChargeCase) "connected" when you swipe, those payment cards will only be stored on the Fob. And Vice versa.  Both devices have to be bound and connected during the swipe or re-swipe process. 

I had to Unbind (Erase my LoopPay device), why are my cards view-only? 

Your cards are view-only because the magnetic stripe information of your payment card is not stored on your LoopPay device. And that could be for the following reasons.

  • Did you delete the card from the device? And not the server?
  • Is your Fob is detached? Insert it in the audio jack and you'll see the cards stored on it.
  • Is your Accessory (Card, CardCase or ChargeCase) connected? You can check Settings to be sure. 
  • Did you unbind your device? Your IDs, loyalty and membership cards will be displayed via the LoopPay server and your LoopPay Account, but the payment cards have to be swiped into the device itself.

But the good news is, if you want a card to be stored on your LoopPay device, all you have to do is re-swipe it. 

How do I use my LoopPay device at gas stations or pumps? 

Those terminals function differently because payment cards have to be physically inserted, similar to some ATM's. However, we do have a trick to get around the limitation. If you insert your driver's license (or a card w/o a magnetic stripe), and quickly rest the Fob against the terminal and press the Transmit Button on your Fob, payment will be transmitted.

Do I swipe the LoopPay device across the Terminal?

That's a good question! Nope, you don't swipe your LoopPay device. Instead, you place or even REST it against this center of the swipe terminal and press the Button to Transmit, or Tap the card to pay. It's not hard to learn. 

I want my LoopPay device to pay with another card when I use Button Pay.

That's easy - Change your Default Card. You can do this any time you want. The first card you swipe is your default card, but changing it is a breeze. If you have two devices, you can even choose a different card for each device. Tap to open the card you want, tap Set Card as Default

Is it safe to give my LoopPay device to a server in a restaurant?

Another good question. If you were willing to hand a server a credit card, why not your LoopPay device? Only your default card is exposed. But being cautious is a good idea. One of the safest things to do is to set the Button Pay Timer Option to 10 minutes in app Settings for that device. You'll need your phone and your App open to do this. The timer will give the server 10 minutes to use it to pay your bill. After 10 minutes, the timer will lock your bluetooth Accessory or Fob until you open the app and re-save the timer, or until you re-attach your Fob to your phone and launch the app. When you disconnect your Fob, the countdown will start again. To set a timer, see Button Pay options in Settings.

Or, you can do as our founder, Will Graylin, does. You can ask the server if you can accompany them to the POS terminal (Point of Sale) and explain why. You can say, "I have my credit card stored in this LoopPay device, I would like to use it to pay." They're usually happy to take you to the POS and will most likely be curious as well; you'll likely gather a crowd of servers. It can be fun.

What do I do if a clerk says I can't pay with my LoopPay device?

Not everyone is ready to see something new. Apple Pay has confused some merchants - they may know their terminals can't support Apple Pay/NFC and they may think that's what you're doing.  They might need some educating. If you feel like spending the time, introduce them to LoopPay. Tell them what it's all about, that LoopPay works on 90% of merchant terminals, right now, no need to change out their terminals. 

You can say, "I have my payment cards swiped into this LoopPay device".  Show them the app.

Open one of your cards and Tap Show My ID. That's always impressive! Tap Flip to show them the back of your card so they can see your security code and your signature. Then if you're carrying your single physical credit card, like we suggest you do, you can flip the card over and let them compare the signatures.

I want to upgrade my phone, how do I move my LoopPay App and account?

All you have to do is install the app on your new phone, login with your LoopPay account and attach/ connect your device.  Nothing needs to be "moved". Your device(s) can be used on your new phone without any changes. In fact, you'll be able to use your account on any future LoopPay device. Here are the steps:

  1. Download and install the app on your new phone. 
  2. Login with your LoopPay account credentials.
  3. Key in in your PIN. Go through the same attach/connection steps you did with your previous phone. 

If you want to Upgrade to a new LoopPay Device, and/or or prepare your device for someone else to connect to their LoopPay Account on their'll need to unbind it Settings before you give it to them.