1) First, Have you seen the Get Started Guide for Paying

2) Want to pay with your Fob attached or detached? (to your phone)?  Button Pay uses your default card. 

You can use 
any card with your Fob attached - we call that App Pay. 

3) What is your Button Pay option in Settings? - The choices are

  1. Never - means Button Pay is disabled.
  2. Timed option
  3. Always - means you can always pay with Button Pay using your default card.   See more information on Button Pay Options.
    Check out the video below.

Notice, we always ask the clerk if they're ready for a Debit Visa, for example. They need time to prepare the terminal.

Having trouble using Button Pay?

Is your Fob fully charged?  When you plug it into your charging device with the included cable, is it solid green (for charged) or flashing green (charging)?

The app needs access to your microphone to function properly and to connect to your Fob.  It asks for access during set up. To verify the LoopPay app still has permission:

  1. On your phone, go to SettingsPrivacyMicrophone
  2. You should see LoopPay displayed there. Make sure it is green. 
  3. Also, make sure you haven't enabled the Volume Limit feature on your iPhone. Go to SettingsMusic, you will see "Volume Limit".
  4. Make sure your volume limit is off

For more information and to learn how to App Pay (with Fob attached using any payment card) check out the Get Started Guide -  How to Loopay.