The Fob needs access to your microphone and audio jack.  Here are some things to check to help connect it properly.

1) Fat Case - Do you have a case on your phone that might be preventing the Fob from being inserted fully? Try removing the case.
2) On your iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy. You should see LoopWallet displayed there.
3) Make sure you haven't enabled the Volume Limit feature on your iPhone. Go to Settings Music. It should be turned off (gray). If it's green, turning it "off" with a swipe of your finger should solve your problem. 
4) Is your Fob charged? When you plug it in to charge it, do you get flashing green lights (needs charging) or solid green (fully charged)?
5) Sometimes maximizing your volume on your phone can solve the problem.
6) If you've updated to iOS 8 or above, make sure you have the most recent OS and the most recent LoopPay app from the App Store.