For iPhone....

The best way to set up your ChargeCase is with the Get Started Wizard which automatically starts after you install the app and sign in to the LoopPay App on your phone. If you skipped the wizard, have connection issues, or need to repeat the steps manually, see steps below. 

Note: with connection issues, there is no reason to unbind or delete your payment cards unless LoopPay Support suggests it. 

  • Was your LoopPay ChargeCase behaving normally, and now you're having connection problems?
  • Are you putting your ChargeCase in your back pocket? And perhaps sitting on it?
  • Are you storing your phone in a crowded purse or backpack? 
  • Is it possible the Button Pay button is being pressed for 30 seconds or more? If so, this will disconnect the ChargeCase. You can learn how to connect it below in Step 4.

Here are the basic steps with specific information below on how to perform each one.

Your problem may resolve during any one of these steps.

  1. Verify Bluetooth is turned on in your iPhone Settings. 
  2. Verify your ChargeCase is charged.
  3. Power your phone down. Power it back up. Still won't connect?
  4. Reconnect your ChargeCase in Settings if disconnected.
  5. Disconnect and Reconnect if already connected.
  6. Troubleshoot Bluetooth issues
  7. Reset your ChargeCase

1) Verify Bluetooth is Enabled:

Swipe your finger from the bottom of your phone screen upward. Check the middle icon at the top. If it's white, then Bluetooth is on. If it's black, Bluetooth is off. Tap it to turn it on (white). See Troubleshoot Bluetooth Issues at the bottom of this topic.

2) Verify your ChargeCase is charged:

When you plug it into a charging block, does it blink? If so, it needs to be charged.

3) Power down your phone: 

Some users never turn their phone off, even when charging. Sometimes this step can solve a connection problem immediately.

4) Reconnect ChargeCase if disconnected:

When you might need to to do this if: are having connection problems, and you already checked and verified Bluetooth is enabled in your iPhone settings.

...the Button Pay button got pushed accidentally for a full 30 seconds (in a crowded purse, pocket or briefcase) and your ChargeCase was disconnected.

...your ChargeCase icon is green in the app but you're still having connection issues, disconnecting and reconnecting might solve the problem.

...your Case is disconnected - in App Settings, Accessory Settings, the Discover button displays rather than Disconnect.

Manual Reconnect Method


  1. Go to Settings, choose Accessory Settings.
  2. Tap Discover.
  3. At the Discover Device screen, hold the button on your Accessory until a single green light flashes.  
  4. Now tap the device (number) displayed.
  5. Answer Yes to the Bind question if asked; even if your Case is already bound, answering yes will not harm or erase the device.  

5) Disconnect ChargeCase:  If you need to trouble-shoot a connection.

Go to Settings in the App.

Choose Accessory Settings.

Choose Disconnect

See Manual Reconnection method in step 4.

6) Troubleshoot Bluetooth issues:

There could be issues with Bluetooth in your phone and/or conflict with other Bluetooth devices.

  1. Verify Bluetooth is enable in your iPhone settings.  Make sure you have removed all other Bluetooth devices from the vicinity (headphones, keyboards, other LoopPay Bluetooth devices, 30 feet is a safe distance).
  2. Go to Settings in your phone. Open Bluetooth Settings.
  3. Tap the “i” next to the Pay with Loop device(s), and choose Forget this Device. If you have multiple Pay with Loop devices listed there, perform the same step with all of them. 
  4. Now go to Settings in the app, Tap Accessory Settings, then tap Discover and go through the procedure to connect your Case. Be sure you press the button long enough for the single green LED to flash. If that doesn't solve your problem..... 

7) Reset ChargeCase - (if all else has failed to solve the problem)

If you've tried the steps above, and still can't connect your iPhone to your ChargeCase, you can reset it. This does not erase your payment or track data on your LoopPay device. Only Unbind/Erase will do that. 

  1. Make sure there are no other Bluetooth devices in the vicinity.
  2. Press your phone's Home Button twice, then quit the LoopPay app (slide it off your screen.)
  3. Press and hold the Button Pay button for 30 seconds
  4. Release and wait 3 seconds
  5. Press and hold again for 8 seconds (Make sure Bluetooth is enabled). 
  6. Launch the LoopPay App.
  7. Select the Settings (three lines in the top left corner of the app) select Accessory Settings.
  8. Tap Discover LoopPay Accessory - select your ChargeCase, (will appear as a device number), see illustration at right.
  9. If your Accessory is not visible, press and hold the Button Pay button until one LED flashes green. Your ChargeCase device should display. Tap that number to select it. 

With a reset, you do not have to re-swipe your cards. 

If these problems persist, we suggest you create a support ticket.  And apologies for the inconvenience.