Is your phone on the LoopPay Android compatible list? We have a large team of developers and we test many android phones.  It's not always possible to reproduce the error due to manufacturer, model and carrier differences.

If you're having trouble connecting or initializing your LoopPay Fob, here are some things to check:

1) Is the volume set as high as it will go?
2) Does your audio jack work with your headphones? In both ears?
3) Do you have any settings that might be interfering? Check the following:

Menu >> Settings >> Sound >> Media Audio Effects Wired Stereo Devices > and turn off Enable Audio Effects, (remove the check mark).

You may have Mono Audio turned on. This is used when you are using a single headphone, such as a wired headset for your calls. Try turning it on or off with these steps: Click Menu >> Settings >> Accessibility. Turn off the the Mono Audio option (remove the check mark).

4) Take a look at all apps involving sound equalization running on the phone. BEATS is known to cause problems.  These resolve when Beats is disabled.

5) Is your Android up to version 4.3 OS or above? An update to your phone can often solve the problem.